AMICUS Visual Solutions: Medical Exhibits and Multimedia Trial Support
medical illustration for courtrooms
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medical illustration for courtrooms


U.S. Copyright law allows a maximum fine of $150,000 for unauthorized use of any image on this website. The exhibits available on this website, whether in part or in whole, are not authorized for any litigation or non-litigation use without the purchase of a license from AMICUS Visual Solutions. The license fees listed below entitle the purchaser to use the exhibit for display during proceedings involving the case for which they are purchased. The purchaser does not have permission to modify the exhibits, resell the exhibits, display the exhibits publically (including on the internet), or give the exhibits to someone who is not part of the legal case for which they were purchased. Additional licenses may be purchased (most often at a discounted rate) if the purchaser wishes to use the images for public display or promotional materials.

Archived Exhibits  
Licensing fee to use exhibit
Email (1024 x 768 JPEG)
8" x 11" color print
20" x 26" color print on board
30" x 40" color print on board
36" x 48" color print on board
  $295 per exhibit
  + no additional charge
  + $7
  + $95 per panel
  + $185 per panel
  + $265 per panel

Shipping is extra and dependent on size of package, location, and delivery date.

Contact us to order an exhibit.


Copyright 2005-2008, AMICUS Visual Solutions

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