AMICUS Visual Solutions: Medical Exhibits and Multimedia Trial Support
medical illustration for courtrooms
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medical illustration for courtrooms


Amicus Visual Solutions provides a variety of services to aid you in obtaining a desirable outcome for your case.

For mediation and settlement our clients turn to us for small format exhibits, digital exhibits, document organization and presentation development. In addition, we assemble strategic multimedia presentations that integrate all your documents and images into an inclusive dynamic presentation utilizing effective information and color design techniques. In addition, we provide the equipment and run the presentation for you so that you can focus on your case.

For trial our clients also turn to us for compelling multimedia presentation development using trial presentation software. The software we use allows you to instantly call up documents, edit, and annotate using various highlight and zoom tools. Large format exhibits are also available. Call us to experience professional quality services at affordable prices and see the difference.

Visual Consulting
With extensive training in visual phenomena and information design, we can evaluate your graphics needs and offer suggestions on how to strengthen the visual image you are intending on driving home to your audience. We review illustrations, photos, charts and graphs, and presentations and let you know what their weaknesses and strengths are. We make suggestions on how you can modify your existing visuals so that they have the most effective impact upon the audience.

Multimedia Presentations and Trial Support
Partnering with ALCAR Multimedia, Amicus is a full service multimedia litigation support company. We work with you, your client, and your experts to develop compelling presentations that bring together case documents and graphics for use in mediation, arbitration and trial. Our experienced team of medical-legal illustrators and professionals will work closely with you to develop powerful presentations using various information and color design techniques. Amicus will provide the equipment necessary and will obtain permission from the court to use the equipment ahead of time. We will meet with you before trial so we can practice together as a team using the equipment and various software annotation tools. Further, a qualified member of our team will be there to assist you with the presentation during trial so you can focus on your case.

Avoid the potential for costly exhibits being thrown out by opposing council's arguments by having a qualified medical-legal illustrator and multimedia expert available during the trial to modify and edit last minute changes. Let us handle the technology and graphics for your case so you can focus on your presentation. Call us and experience the difference.

Custom Medical Exhibits at Affordable Prices
Communicate your message and ensure audience retention with visual involvement. From operative, radiology, neurology and autopsy reports to timelines, charts, and graphs, we help you create exhibits that focus on the facts that are important to your case. Using our archive images we can work with any budget to develop exhibits that best represent your case.

Film Renderings
Accurate renderings of films including X-rays, MRI's, CT's help your audience understand and retain complex evidence. Film renderings are affordable for any budget. Call us for a free proposal.

Operative, Autopsy, Neurological Reports
Amicus will review all pertinent reports and propose exhibits that focus on the facts important to your case. Contact us for a free visual consultation.

Charts and Timelines
Using information design we can turn complex charts, graphs and timelines into powerful instructive exhibits. Call us and experience the power of a strategically designed timeline, chart or graph.

Neuropsychological Evaluation Charts
We have been creating neuropsychological evaluations charts for many years and have extensive experience in interpreting the data that neuropsychologists obtain from their tests. We sort through the data and create charts that show your client's deficits as well as the areas of the brain that have been affected.

Digital Fetal Monitor Strips
Our cutting edge technology for developing digital fetal monitor strips allows us to prepare a superior product at lower prices than our competitors. We digitally scan the fetal monitor strips that you provide, and arrange them into a software package that allows you to view the strips in real-time and also allows you to browse through the strips to locate specific times of concern. Additional functionality, such as illustrations, notations, and record retrieval, can be added for additional cost. Call us and see the difference.

2D and 3D Animations
Our degreed medical illustrators will help you bring life to your case using animation. Maximize the potential for audience retention by communicating your message with animation. With developing technology animation is affordable for most budgets. Contact us to see how animation can strengthen your arguments.

Interactive Exhibits
Ever wish you could show the progression of an injury over time, or be able to turn parts of your medical exhibits on and off as you need them? We create a variety of interactive exhibits that allow you to manipulate the images as they are being shown. This allows you to turn specific graphics on and off or to change the opacity of certain images in order to reveal what lies beneath them. It also allows you to control images that are being show and to interactively progress through a series of images. Using interactive exhibits will further enhance the visual involvement and information retention of your audience. Call us to see how an interactive exhibit can be used in your next case.


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