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Expert Medical

Legal Visuals &

Trial Support


Knowledge, Expertise, and Talent

Amicus Visual Solutions is owned and operated by an elite group of AMI board certified medical illustrators, and provides superior medical illustrations, animations, and trial support for medical malpractice and personal injury litigation.  With our thorough knowledge of anatomy and expertise in communicating medical concepts, we bridge the gap between doctors and the layperson, working closely with lawyers and medical experts to ensure that the significant aspects of a case are presented to the audience in an accurate, clear, and effective manner.

Amicus Visual Solutions has been distinguished among national med-legal illustration companies by receiving numerous Awards of Excellence from the Association of Medical Illustrators for outstanding medical-legal graphics.  In addition to being problem solvers who excel at accurate and clear visual communications, we are proactively engaged in the fields of anatomy and medical sciences.  We have co-authored peer-reviewed research articles in medical journals, illustrated for the National Institutes of Health, given lectures at universities, and our diagrams are being used as teaching tools by professors at medical programs across the nation.

Experience from Over 8000 Exhibits Created

Since 2005, Amicus Visual Solutions has provided visual solutions to thousands of legal cases and courtroom consultation on hundreds more. We have worked with hundreds of the nation's most successful attorneys on all types of cases, producing 8000+ exhibits and acquiring an expansive insight into what makes medical exhibits most effective. We draw on our vast experience while developing a custom approach for every case, providing strategic and case-specific visual solutions designed to maximize impact and lasting impression during mediation, arbitration, or trial.

Focus on Personal Service

At Amicus Visual Solutions, our commitment and passion is helping you succeed at winning favorable verdicts.  We listen to you and your needs, and work with you to develop solutions that will meet your objectives within the budget of your case.  Call us to experience professional quality visuals and compassionate personal service.

Medical Illustrations


Custom patient-specific illustrations, and cost-effective stock images

Radiology Renderings


Accurate patient-specific illustrations of X-rays, CT, MRI, ultrasound, etc.



2D and 3D animations, and interactive presentations

Graphic Design


Visual organization and presentation of data sets, time lines, test results, testimony and pictures

Trial Support


Document organization and presentation development


"These are the best images I've seen that accurately depict what we know happens during coup contrecoup injuries resulting in traumatic brain injury (TBI). Their attention to detail and clarity in presentation are outstanding."

Thomas M. Malone
Department of Neurosurgery
Saint Louis University School of Medicine

"We took the trial video of our client’s urology surgeon last night. He described his ureteral re-implantation surgery using the illustrations you prepared for us. It was quite obvious that he had not seen anything approaching the quality of your work before we showed it to him. To top it all off, at the end of the video, he asked me for a copy of your work so that he could use it teaching his residents. High compliment indeed!!!!!  Many thanks for your fine efforts."

James C. Lewis, Attorney
Shapiro, Lewis, Appleton & Duffan, P.C.

"The doctor was somewhat hostile, unfortunately, but the illustrations were excellent.  The doctor asked me for your contact information, so I have provided that in addition to singing your praises."

W. Coleman Allen Jr., Attorney
Allen, Allen, Allen, and Allen

"I don’t know whether I mentioned that in the [redacted] case, the last offer before trial was $775,000 – the jury gave us $1,300,000.  I relied on your exhibits extensively.  Thanks again!"

Lee R. Hunt, Attorney
Hunt Law Firm

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