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Owned and operated by board certified medical illustrators


Amicus Visual Solutions

1607 W. Grace St.

Richmond, VA 23220


Tel: 1-877-303-1952

Fax: 1-703-852-4459

Owner and Chief Trial Consultant:

Asha Kays, M.S., CMI

Owner and Chief Medical Illustrator:

Michael Havranek, M.A.M.S., CMI

Exhibit Consultant and Production Manager:

Sharona Kraus, M.A.M.S., CMI

Production Team:

Matthew Whitford, M.S., senior medical illustrator

Dan Nacu, medical illustrator/animator

Malcolm Houston, M.S., medical illustrator

Regan Falin, M.S., medical illustrator

Chris Brooks, illustrator/animator

Julia Moore, medical illustrator

Marci Lessman, M.S., medical illustrator

Amicus Visual Solutions is a litigation graphics company specializing in preparing high-end medical exhibits and multimedia presentations for attorneys nationwide.  We pride ourselves on having the nation's most talented illustrators and production staff that can custom-tailor exhibits and presentations for maximum effectiveness in mediation and trial.

We have over 18 years of experience creating medical-legal illustrations and being in the courtroom working along side attorneys presenting their cases. This allows us to have a vast understanding of what is effective in trial and which strategies work in various parts of the country.

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